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Study: health care professionals have lower divorce likelihood

A person's work can affect them in many different ways. Thus, what happens in a person's professional life can sometimes have implications for their personal life. In some instances, work-related problems may even lead to a marriage weakening to the point where a couple decides to divorce.

One assumption that many have is that the more stressful and time-intensive a person's job is, the greater their chance might be of getting divorced. One field that is often associated with long hours and high amounts of stress is the health care field. Thus, one might expect that health care professionals would have a higher divorce likelihood than average. However, a recent study indicates that the opposite may be the case.

Is winning an Oscar bad for the marriage of an actor/actress?

The Academy Awards will be happening this Sunday. Thus, that evening, many people here in Louisiana will be focused on their TV, watching famous actors and actresses receiving awards.

When watching the lucky winners receive their awards, one question some TV viewers may have is: Will winning the award ultimately prove to be a bad thing for the actor/actress? This is because there has arisen in the public consciousness an idea that there is an "Oscar curse," that winning an Academy Award increases the likelihood that an actress/actor will have future difficulties in their professional or personal life.

When does a Louisiana spousal support order start?

There are many different requests divorcing individuals sometimes make to a court during the course of a Louisiana divorce. For one, sometimes, a divorcing person will ask a court to grant them a spousal support award.

If a court decides to grant a spousal support request an individual made, it generally will issue a spousal support order laying out the terms of the spousal support.

Obligations of parents with joint custody towards each other

Not all divorces of parents with children under 18 result in the same type of child custody arrangement. There several different main types of child custody arrangements. One of these types is the joint custody arrangement.

This is when both parents are granted custody of the child. In joint custody arrangements in which both physical and legal custody is held jointly, both parents will have a variety of different rights regarding the physical custody of the child and decisions related to the child.

Stepfamilies increasingly common in the U.S.

There are many different types of families here in America. One type that has become more and more common over the past few decades is the stepfamily.

This can be seen in statistics on the issue. In 1960, stepfamilies made up a mere 13 percent of families. In 2014, stepcouples made up 40 percent of all married couples with children. Having a step-relative is remarkably common now, it's estimated that around two-thirds of people do. 

Prenups can help with many things

A common assumption out there is that prenuptial agreements are mostly just for rich people. While it is true that prenups can provide valuable asset protection for high-net-worth individuals, what is untrue is that prenuptial agreements cannot be helpful to those of more modest means.

Court-ordered mental health evaluations in Louisiana custody cases

There are many different types of impactful evidence that can show up in Louisiana child custody cases. One such type are reports/testimony by mental health professionals.

Such reports/testimony can end up being a part of a custody case as a result of a court-ordered mental health evaluation. Under certain circumstances, courts in Louisiana child custody cases are allowed to order that an evaluation, interview or test be conducted of the child the proceedings regard or a party in the proceedings by a mental health professional. When such a court-ordered evaluation is conducted, the mental health professional who performed the evaluation is to be a witness in the case and give the parties in the case and the court a report containing the findings of the evaluation.

One major source of divorce/marriage data could disappear

One thing that has been a pretty major focus area for studies in recent times is divorce trends, such as trends in how common divorces are. Recently, the U.S. Census Bureau announced a proposal which could eliminate a major source for divorce and marriage data for research on divorce trends.

Starting in 2008, certain divorce and marriage questions have been included in the bureau's American Community Survey. Such questions include questions on whether a person has gotten divorced or married in the past year and questions on a person's marital history.

What factors help determine child support payments?

A divorcing couple has numerous things to worry about. Disputes ranging from property division to debt division to child custody must be resolved during the divorce process. While child support might seem like a formulaic calculation, there are several aspects that must be considered.

While the Louisiana child support guidelines are balanced heavily toward income and the number of children, other monetary considerations are taken into account. We have previously discussed the impact extracurricular activity expenses can have in the determination of child support payments. It is wise for divorcing parents to discuss other factors with an experienced attorney.

Irregular work schedules and child custody

There are certain lines of work that have work schedules associated with them that are very different from the typical work schedule. For example, individuals who work on offshore oil rigs can have irregular work schedules. Military jobs can also have unusual work schedules attached to them, particularly when it comes to active deployment.

When a person has a job that has an irregular work schedule, there are several different areas where special considerations may be required due to the odd work schedule. One such area is the area of child custody.

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