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Marriage storm warning signs

When a storm is brewing near Lafayette, many people turn to TV news reports or the National Weather Service for information. It’s not quite as simple or easy to get warnings of a storm that will end a marriage, however.

But the signs are there if you know how to recognize them, according to a recent article by a therapist. 

Online world gives rise to some unique concerns when divorcing

The incredible development of the online world and the plethora of tech gadgets that are now available have changed the way we shop, spend our free time, interact with our friends and the world around us and do a great many other things. Given this, it is not too surprising that the online world gives rise to some special concerns when a person is getting a divorce. Today, we will discuss some of the online-related things individuals may want to keep in mind when in a divorce.

Older couples, divorce and retirement

Divorce isn't just something that the young do. In recent years, the number of older couples seeking divorce has gone up quite a bit, and it is expected that older-couple divorces will continue to be fairly commonplace in upcoming years.

Now, given that older couples are in a very different life stage than younger couples, it is not at all surprising that they bring in some unique concerns when going into a divorce. One of these concerns is how the divorce will impact their retirement.

Stay issued in military child custody case

Under any circumstances, child custody matters here in Louisiana can have complicated aspects. But, given the many unique things that being in military service can bring into a person's life, such as deployments, child custody matters can be particularly complex for members of the military. This can be seen in a child custody matter from another state, Michigan, that has been getting quite a bit of attention in the news.

The case involves a man who is a member of the U.S. Navy and is currently serving aboard a submarine.

The many potential financial impacts of a divorce

There are many different things that can impact a person financially as they are going through a divorce. Thus, keeping in mind these potential financial implications and taking appropriate steps to try to keep one's financial position strong can be very important when in a divorce.

One thing that can have significant financial impacts on a person in a divorce is how property is divided in the divorce. What property split is ultimately decided on can have many short-term and long-term implications for a person's financial situation, including tax effects. Experienced divorce attorneys can inform divorcing individuals of the important things to consider when it comes to different types of property in a divorce and can provide such individuals with help and support during negotiations regarding property division.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas calling it quits

As you may have heard, last week, news came out that the famous actress Melanie Griffith and the famous actor Antonio Banderas are divorcing. The divorce filing was made by Griffith. In it, she cited irreconcilable differences.

Both Griffith and Banderas have past experience with divorce; as this is Griffith's fourth divorce and Banderas' second.

Some police using social media in child support enforcement

As social media has surged in popularity, the types of things it is being used for have become much more diverse. For example, some law enforcement agencies are turning to social media to help with the problem of child support delinquency.

This can be seen in something a sheriff's office in another state recently did. The office in question is the sheriff's office for Pitt County, North Carolina.

Bill regarding divorce and domestic abuse being considered

The specific circumstances of a divorcing individual can be very impactful. They can significantly impact what kinds of issues the divorce will give rise to and, in some instances, can even impact what set of rules the divorce will be subject to. Individuals with questions regarding what impacts their specific circumstances will have on the divorce process for them should speak to a divorce attorney.

Sometime, state legislatures will consider adding a special set of divorce rules for a certain type of circumstance. Currently, Louisiana's legislature is considering a bill which would make physical or sexual domestic abuse grounds for divorce in the state and would create a special set of divorce rules for divorces involving domestic violence.

NBA player and reality TV star divorcing

The basketball court has been the location of many contentious battles for NBA player Jannero Pargo, who currently plays for the Charlotte Hornets. Now it appears that Pargo could be facing a contentious battle in a court of a very different type, divorce court.

Since 2006, Pargo has been married to Malaysia Pargo, who stars on the reality TV show "Basketball Wives LA." The couple has three children.

Divorce of actress and actor finalized

Recently, the divorce of an actor and an actress was made official, and the property division arrangement in the divorce involves some assets that might not typically come to mind when one thinks of celebrity divorces.

The actress in question is Laurie Metcalf and the actor in question is Matt Roth. Both were involved in the television show "Roseanne."

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