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Expedited processes sometimes available in military family law matters

There are all sorts of different special circumstances that go along with military service. Sometimes, these special circumstances can raise special concerns when a military member is involved in a family law matter. This is one of the reasons why there are special rules and laws in place regarding military family law issues.

One of the special circumstances related to military service is deployment. A military deployment can sometimes have the potential to throw off the normal timetable of a family law matter. For example, an upcoming deployment may make it so a given family law issue needs to be dealt with particularly quickly.

Divorce via Facebook: Has the law has caught up with technology?

Many people in Lafayette may have heard about the recent and groundbreaking divorce ruling out of New York. A woman who has been unable to track down her husband was allowed to serve him divorce papers by private Facebook message. Now, some are wondering what this means for the law in general.

It is a common conception that the law is slow to catch up to technology. In some states, sending divorce papers by fax or FedEx is not even allowed. Although this ruling will not change divorce laws overnight, it may indicate a shift toward an alignment with modern times.

Financial lies among spouses can be very damaging

Lies are generally not a good thing in a marriage. Financial lies are no exception to this. When a person lies to their spouse about financial matters, it can cause some serious problems. Some examples of financial lies that can be particularly damaging in a marriage are: 

  • Lies about purchases.
  • Lies about income amount.
  • Lies about income source.
  • Lies about bank accounts.
  • Lies about debt.
  • Lies about loaning money to others.

When will sole custody be awarded in a Louisiana divorce case?

Sometimes, in a custody matter in a divorce of parents, custody of the parents' children is awarded to just one of the parents rather than both of them. Under Louisiana law, there are two main circumstances under which a sole custody arrangement will be put in place in a divorce of parents.

One is if the divorcing parents reach a child custody agreement which gives one of them sole custody. Under state law, in divorce child custody matters in which the parents reach an agreement regarding what the custody arrangement will be, the court the matter is before is to match its child custody award to the terms of the agreement unless it finds that doing so would not be in the best interests of the involved child. 

Major life events and divorce

There are many different major life events that can occur to a couple in the years after they get married. Some of these events can generate a fair amount of marital stress and thus have the potential to have significant impacts on a marriage. Some examples of major life events that can affect a marriage in big ways include:

  • Job changes.
  • A couple having to live apart for a long period of time for work reasons.
  • Becoming empty-nesters.
  • Serious illness.
  • Infidelity.
  • Traumatic events.

Could normal routines help keep kids away from sugary drinks post-divorce?

What terms are in a custody arrangement could have long-lasting impacts on a divorcing couple's children. Thus, when in proceedings or negotiations aimed at reaching such an arrangement, it is important for parents to keep in mind their children's bests interests and what sorts of things could impact these interests. Attorneys can provide divorcing parents with guidance on what sorts of factors it will be important to take into account when trying to hammer out a child custody arrangement given their particular family circumstances.

One thing that it can be important for parents to be mindful of when trying to come up with a child custody arrangement is what effects the specific terms of the arrangement will have on the ability to maintain normal routines for the kids post-divorce. How much normal routines are able to be kept for children after a divorce has the potential to impact many things. A recent study indicates it might have effects on a child's dietary habits.

The military divorce rate in 2014

If a person or their spouse decides to pursue a divorce, what the person's occupation is can sometimes have some significant impacts in the divorce case. This is particularly the case if the person's occupation is serving in the military. One reason is because divorces involving individuals who are in the military have their own special rules and procedures associated with them. Another is that military life has many unique concerns associated with it, and this can raise some particular issues in a divorce.

Thus, simply put, a military divorce can be quite different from a divorce between two civilians. Thus, if a military member or a spouse of a military member is thinking about divorce, they may want to talk with an attorney who is knowledgeable of the particulars of military divorces about their situation, what sorts of divorce preparations they could be making and what pursuing a military divorce involves.

Split custody and child support in Louisiana

Much of the time, in custody cases involving divorced parents who have multiple children, all the children are put under the same sort of child custody arrangement. However, this isn't always the case. Take for instance, split custody. Split custody occurs when each of the two divorcing parents is given sole custody of or named the domiciliary parent of at least one of their children. Thus, generally, in split custody, a parent will only have some of their kids in their custody, with the others being in the custody of their ex. 

When divorcing parents hold split custody of their children, it can create some complexities when it comes to other legal issues regarding the kids. One such issue is child support. Louisiana law puts some special rules in place regarding how child support is to be determined in child support proceedings involving parents who have a split custody arrangement. 

Study: health care professionals have lower divorce likelihood

A person's work can affect them in many different ways. Thus, what happens in a person's professional life can sometimes have implications for their personal life. In some instances, work-related problems may even lead to a marriage weakening to the point where a couple decides to divorce.

One assumption that many have is that the more stressful and time-intensive a person's job is, the greater their chance might be of getting divorced. One field that is often associated with long hours and high amounts of stress is the health care field. Thus, one might expect that health care professionals would have a higher divorce likelihood than average. However, a recent study indicates that the opposite may be the case.

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