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NBA star in child custody dustup

Recently, an NBA star was issued a warning by a judge in a decision the judge recently made regarding a child custody matter.

The star in question is Joe Johnson, who is currently with the Brooklyn Nets. Johnson has a 6-year-old son and there is a custody arrangement in place regarding the child.

Investment accounts, retirement accounts and divorce

When it comes to divorce-related property division, it is important to be mindful of all of the different assets that are part of a given former couple's marital estate, including retirement and investment accounts. There are several things that it can be very important for a divorcing individual to do during the divorce process when it comes to investment and retirement accounts.

One is to take a careful inventory of all of the investment and retirement accounts that they and their ex-spouse have. It can be difficult to reach a fair property division when one doesn't know the whole picture of the investment and retirement portfolio that was amassed during the marriage.

NBA star and wife divorcing for second time

The second marriage of NBA star Carlos Boozer and his wife is about to meet the same fate as their first. The two, who remarried each other after getting divorced, are now heading back into divorce proceedings.

The couple first got married in the early 2000s. In 2010, they got a divorce. Then, in 2012, they decided to give things a second try and remarried. A couple of weeks ago, Boozer filed a petition to bring this second marriage to an end. In this divorce petition, Boozer said the marriage was "irretrievably broken."

International adoptions dropping

Recently, the U.S. State Department issued some statistics regarding international adoptions made by individuals here in America. The study indicates that there was a drop in such adoptions in 2013.

In 2013, 7,094 adoptions of children from foreign countries were made by Americans, according to the statistics. This is over 1,500 fewer international adoptions than the total from 2012, and it is the lowest number of such adoptions the U.S. has seen since 1992.

Report: previous views on divorce rates in the U.S. may be wrong

One major life change that individuals here in Louisiana sometimes go through is a divorce. One of the things that makes divorce distinct from many of the other life changes a person can experience is the great number of important legal issues that can come up in relation to it. Family law attorneys can answer questions individuals who are getting divorced have about such legal issues, can provide them with explanations of the potential impacts of such issues and can help them through the various steps of resolving such issues.

One thing that researchers have been looking at over the years here in the U.S. is how the frequency of divorce in the U.S. has changed over time. A prevalent view has been that the last three decades have been ones of declining divorce rates. However, a recent report indicates that this view may be incorrect.

Actor files for divorce after long separation

Many of our Louisiana readers may remember the character Gunther from the popular and long-running television sitcom, "Friends." This character was perhaps best known for his long-standing crush on Jennifer Aniston's character, Rachel. Recently, some family law news has arisen regarding the actor who played the role of Gunther, James Michael Tyler.

Specifically, TMZ has recently reported that Tyler has filed for a divorce from his wife. The reason he gave for the divorce in the filing was "irreconcilable differences."

Military child custody measure signed into law in another state

The life of a soldier is different in a great many ways from the lives of individuals in other professions. Thus, it comes as little surprise that unique concerns and issues can arise when it comes to things like divorce and child custody in military families here in Louisiana. This is one of the reasons why many family law matters involving military families are subject to a different set of rules than equivalent matters involving civilian families.

One of the goals law changes regarding military family law sometimes have is to protect soldiers. This is one of the goals behind a recent new law in another state, New Mexico.

Louisiana judge rules in same-sex couple's favor in adoption case

Under state law, same-sex marriages are banned here in Louisiana. This puts same-sex couples in a somewhat unusual position when it comes to family law matters and thus many unique legal issues and questions arise when it comes to such couples.

One such question is: is a member of a same-sex couple allowed to legally adopt a child of their partner, thus becoming the child's second legal parent? Given the many rights that go along with being the legally recognized parent of a child, such as the right to make medical decisions regarding a child, what the answer to this question is ultimately determined to be here in Louisiana could be very impactful on individuals in long-term same-sex relationships.

Louisiana county officials issue warrants for back child support

Warrants were issued in one Louisiana parish for 26 individuals that were labeled "deadbeat" parents.  Certain of these parents were said to have owed as much as $40,000 in back child support.  So far $62,000 was taken off of the child support payroll as a result of this sting.

Last year one particular office collected $36 million in back child support.  Each case worker in these matters can handle as many as 700 to 900 cases.  There are also job programs in place that help those owing child support locate jobs.

The positive side of divorce

A lot of attention is often given to the potential negative impacts of a divorce. However, there are also many positive effects a divorce can have.

Sadly, sometimes, a relationship a married couple has is an unhealthy one. A recent article on the Huffington Post's website outlined some of the positive effects a divorce can have on a person who was in an unhealthy relationship.

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